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  • Mission

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    Our Mission

    Our mission is to develop a more confident, knowledgable, and empathic global citizen capable of building perspective across a wide spectrum of cultural, work, and political spheres.

    Our Commitment

    We are committed to addressing the social capital gap prevalent in diverse, underrepresented youth communities around the world. We champion social mobility through global exposure.

    Our Work

    We curate global exposure experiences for each Delegation with an objective to help youths develop heightened cultural understanding and global workforce competencies.

    Our Motivation

    Our motivation is that this collective engagement of early exposure experiences will equip students with the skills needed to create local solutions to shared global issues.


  • Pillars

    NetWings revolutionizes the way youths learn beyond their local communities. Unlike typical study abroad programs, NetWings students participate in prestigious conferences around the world with a specific purpose to build international networks, understand local policies, and actively delve into current global issues by developing their own case studies. Scroll right to read more.

    Mobility & Exposure

    For many youths, their zip code defines their perspective. This  limitation of environment oftentimes serves as the biggest barrier in understanding the world.

    At NetWings, we view mobility, through international travel, as a tool to experience exposure. By Introducing youth to international travel at a young age, we help them develop an understanding of new places, people, and mindsets.

    Cultural Diplomacy

    Our NetWings Delegates travel with a specific mission to become aware of events, mentalities, and evolving policies of the countries they visit. This experience empowers students to develop the soft skills needed to exchange ideas, strengthen relationships, and promote diverse cooperation in various multicultural environments. Via this avenue of engaging students in international policy, NetWings redefines and diversifies the traditional policy expert archetype. Welcome to a new age of Cultural Diplomats and Policy experts!

    Social Capital

    Building international networks at a young age and participating in our tailored programs provides our NetWings Delegates the bridges needed to begin building interpersonal relationships, career contacts, and community sponsors.

    Data Synthesis

    We look to lower the barriers in data exploration by promoting data visualization as a creative means for youth to synthesize data, map relationships, and most importantly, convey concepts in a universal language. We see the value of data visualization as another way to break down barriers of communication and as a way to exchange ideas effectively. The culmination of our story telling, travel experiences, and conference exchanges comes to life via podcasts, case studies, and videos to further engage in technological avenues to connect minds from around the world.

    Connecting the Dots

    Our NetWings Delegates learn to engage in significant conversation while building foundations for friendship and collaboration. We help students create a launchpad of international connections that encourage learning and exploration with a goal to begin connecting people with ideas, ideas with people, and beyond. NetWings students learn to not only connect the dots within the NetWings curriculum but also across a variety of spectrums; a large factor in strengthening their confidence as students, professionals, and individuals

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