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    NetWings is a 501c3 non profit, cross cultural exchange program that provides early global exposure platforms for underrepresented high school & college students to interact with the world via prestigious conference opportunities.

    Through cultivated cross cultural experiences, NetWings revolutionizes the way youths learn, beyond their local communities. Unlike typical study abroad programs, NetWings students participate in prestigious conferences around the world with a specific purpose to build international networks , understand local policies, and actively delve into current global issues by developing case studies. Students emerge from NetWings with an increased knowledge base across a fortitude of arenas, an increased appetite to actively engage in current global issues, and most importantly an increased responsibility to apply what they have learned within their communities upon return from their travels.


    It is through these experiences that we aim to build a more confident, knowledgable, empathetic, and actionable student and individual.


    On a very high level, this is how our programming works:


    Students are placed into JetSetNetworks 3 months prior to their international trip. During this time, Cohorts interact with one another and participate in NetWings curriculum led socratic seminars in order to receive basic preparation for their travels, such as learning how to network at a conference, building  traveling and culture learning skills, and becoming familiar with basic language and cultural customs applicable to the country they will visit.



    Each student is paired with an international mentor and is required to speak to them once a month. Conversations align with our program curriculum and our mentors

    help our students begin to collect data for their case studies based on local news, event updates, and any other information their mentor can help obtain prior to the trip.



    Students travel with our NetWings team for a week for their international experience. The time is evenly split between NetWings and our partner Conference Programming. A majority of the time spent with NetWings is devoted to Case Study Work, Service Learning, and engaging in cultural activities with our student mentors upon meeting in person. The Conference time is spent in workshops, interactive panels, cultural events, and social get togethers with student conference participants from throughout the world.


    STEP 4 ACT

    Upon returning from their international travels, students work with our teams to write, edit, create data visualization exhibits for, and publish their case study. This case study takes into consideration students' pre-work, interaction with mentors, and NetWings and Conference Programming; allowing students to holistically contextualize their learnings from the trip. These cases are later used for students to teach in their local communities and to spur awareness about the topics their cases cover.



    Our 6 Platforms guide the work we do


    The term exposure is often utilized within the education space, however, we don't just use this term, we make it come alive. For many underrepresented students, a limitation in environment can oftentimes serve as the biggest culprit in hindering their view of possibilities and construction of perspectives.. At NetWings, we view exposure as a tool to achieve economic mobility and as a way to build social capital. By Introducing youth to travel, we develop exposure to the world, to new cities, states, and countries in order to break down barriers of limited exposure.


    In marrying storytelling and the case study method in our curriculum, students have the opportunity to build educational concepts in a more relevant manner. Each Cohort is assigned an economic, political, or social challenge relevant to the country they are visiting and is responsible for developing a solution through writing a collaborative case study. Once published, these cases are later used to teach within local communities in various contexts.


    Our Cohorts travel with a specific mission to become aware of events, mentalities, and evolving policies within respective countries. Most importantly, our students travel to

    build an understanding as to how they can apply what they learn within the local communities. Via this avenue of engaging students in international policy, NetWings redefines and diversifies the traditional policy expert archetype. Furthermore, our JetSetNetwork of advisors and mentors provide invaluable insights into the countries our students visit.



    We look to lower the barriers in data exploration by promoting data visualization as a creative means for youth to synthesize data, map relationships, and most importantly, convey concepts in a universal language. We see the value of data visualization as another way to break down barriers of communication and as a way to exchange ideas effectively. The culmination of our story telling, travel experiences, and

    conference exchanges comes to life via podcasts, case studies,and

    videos to further engage in technological avenues to connect minds from around the world.


    We promote effective multilingualism; the value of not only speaking various languages but perfecting language proficiency in professional and academic settings. Students

    practice how to convey ideas in a clear, inclusive, and global way while participating in international conferences. More importantly, students become exposed to the importance of learning more than one language and seeing how one language can be used within various countries around the world.


    Our students learn to engage in significant conversation while building foundations for friendship and collaboration. We help students create a launchpad of international connections that encourage learning and exploration with a goal to begin connecting people with ideas, ideas with people, and beyond. NetWings students learn to not only connect the dots within the NetWings curriculum but also across a variety of spectums; a large factor in strengthening their confidence as students, professionals, and individuals


    Our world wide networks provide us the opportunity of having a home wherever we go in the world


    World Business Dialogue

    NetWings’ cooperation with the World Business Dialogue (WBD) is one that allows our students to not only have a cultural experience but also delve into business, political, and entrepreneurship topics that are pertinent to Europe. By aligning with this organization, NetWings united our Cohorts with over 300 students, executives, and young professionals from around the world. Together with the WBD, our Cohort students engaged in actionable dialogue to build innovative solutions related to issues throughout Europe. Learn More


    South American Business Forum

    NetWings’ cooperation with the South American Business Forum (SABF) is one that allows our students to not only have a cultural experience but also delve into business, political, and entrepreneurship topics that are pertinent to Latin America . By aligning with this organization, NetWings united our Cohorts with over 150 students, executives, and young professionals from around the world. Unique to this Cohort is the focus to develop Spanish speaking and presentation skills within professional scenarios.
    Learn More


    Who are the JetSetters piloting NetWings?

    Isabella Martinez

    Founder & President

    "Getting involved in domestic and global conferences changed the frame of mind of my purpose, my goals, and introduced me to international friendships beyond imaginable. The moment I saw my life change in this way, I knew I had to find a way to bring these opportunities to others and so I founded NetWings to help do this." Learn more here.

    Jacqueline Martinez


     "We now live in a society where ideas can cross oceans and we should be encouraging our students to go forth and learn about the world and take on global challenges. This is why I decided to lead NetWings. I want to facilitate this exchange to create a more aware and well rounded student and individual." Learn more here.

    Global Committee & Ambassadors


    We have a Global Committee and Ambassadors around the world dedicated to helping us with Cohort Selection Process as well as our Curriculum. Meet one of our Ambassadors, Emma Gavala.

    Global Mentors Team


    Each student Cohort is paired with an international mentor to Skype with prior to the trip and meet in person while visiting their home country. Our mentors represent over 42 countries, and 26 languages.


    Our work is made possible by the support of Grants, Private Donations, and various Sponsorships.

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