• Purposeful Delegations

    We build Delegations representative of a globalized world

  • Building Perspective Via Diverse Delegations

    Defining Diversity

    When we think of Diversity, we are too often limited to a definition rooted in race, culture, or sex. Although these are all critical components, we believe diversity includes many other dimensions that are often overlooked. Diversity of thought, socioeconomic background, religion, political affiliation, community, geography, work experience, and academic experience represent some of the many factors that contribute to one's worldview. In addressing these in our Delegations, our students obtain a holistic understanding of diversity.

    Championing Global Inclusiveness

    Our team is extremely purposeful in creating inclusive Delegations. We do this in order to provide the best learning opportunities inclusive of Delegates from different walks of life around the world. By working in extremely diverse environments, Delegates learn to integrate well with various teams while collaborating on different ideas and presenting to a diverse audience of individuals at a global conference. Through these experiences, students build the skills needed to succeed in a global workforce comprised of individuals from varying backgrounds.

  • Diverse Teams are Smarter

    Read through one of our favorite Harvard Business Review articles that outlines the importance of Diverse Teams in the workforce

  • Demographics

    We serve an extensive demographic, conducive to inter-generational learning

    High School Students

    Targeted at College Pipelines

    Our high school Delegates engage in curriculum focused on successful high school completion and securing a college pipeline. Students learn how to weave their global experiences into their college essays, resumes, and interviews. Our mentorship program pairs students with current college students around the world.

    College Students

    Targeted at Workforce Pipelines

    Our college Delegates engage in curriculum focused on exploring internship and full time career options in a global landscape. Students attend recruiting workshops for global companies, develop mentoring skills through working with our high school Delegates, and are exposed to C-Suite level networking. Further, our mentorship program pairs students with global professionals.