At NetWings Corp, we are committed to addressing the social capital gap prevalent in underrepresented youth communities around the world. Our work is centered around curating international exposure opportunities to help youths develop heightened cultural diplomacy and global workforce competencies. More importantly, our service oriented mission creates a landscape for students to spur local impact in their respective communities--through their newly developed global perspectives. Our hope is for this collective engagement of early exposure to serve as a driving impetus for a surge in diverse youth presence within various technical workforce and academic arenas.


  • Delegate Reflections

    Learn more about our high school and college Delegates by reading their reflection pieces


    Our intent is to empower a more confident, knowledgeable, and empathetic global citizen capable of creating local solutions to shared global issues. Attending prestigious global conferences around the world is our most impactful vehicle of to create this change.


    Our Global Conference Partnerships allow NetWings to revolutionize the way youths learn beyond their local communities, beyond a traditional classroom. Unlike typical study abroad programs, NetWings Delegates participate in prestigious conferences around the world.


    With the objective of building international networks, working in cross cultural and functional environments, understanding local policies, and actively delving into current global issues by developing case studies, our NetWings students travel with purpose.

  • Engaging through Case Studies

    Our global curriculum is centered around the Case Study Method

  • Partners

    We could not operate without the help of our various partnerships throughout the globe

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