• What is the Case Study Method?

    Our Case Studies are invaluable learning tools

  • The Scientific Method

    Our Case Study Curriculum is centered around the Scientific Method. Often forgotten outside of a Science classroom, our goal is to bring back this Method and apply it across multiple disciplines. Our tailored Scientific Method approach provides students a platform to begin understanding the world through observation, analysis and deduction. More importantly, this framework guides the way our students develop new ways to think and organize their ideas in a collective group.

  • Why Use Case Studies?

    Case Studies are an incredible learning asset

    Advantages of Using The Case Study Method

    A major advantage of utilizing Case Studies in teaching curriculum is that students are actively engaged in finding solutions to issues. This develops their skills in


    1. Problem solving

    2. Analytical tools, quantitative and/or qualitative, depending on the case

    3. Decision making in complex situations

    4. Coping with ambiguities

    5. Conducting Research and Presenting information

    6. Working collaboratively with others

    Our History with Case Studies

    The inspiration behind NetWings Case Studies came from our Co-Founder's (Isabella) experience at Harvard Business School and Yale School of Management for summer programs. Her first time working with Case Studies as a student, she quickly became enthralled with the Storytelling nature of each case. Working with peers studying different topics in various fields, and living in different places around the world, she gained invaluable perspective. After coming back home, she noticed that the Case Study and Socratic Method was only used in a select number of schools and had it not been for her experience at these programs, she would have never been exposed to it. Motivated to share this experience with other students, she made Cases and the Socratic Method a NetWings curriculum focus.



  • Workforce Skills

    Our Case Study Curriculum and Scientific Method Approach is a learning playground for our students, where they naturally develop the skills needed for the workforce

    Cognitive Empathy

    Connecting with Others

    Connecting with individuals through Storytelling provides students the opportunity to understand the perspective of their peers around the world and relate to topics more personally.


    Conveying Messages

    Developing a Case Study requires strong individual and collaborative writing skills. Our students learn to express their individual ideas as well as the collective ideas of a group to arrive at global solutions.


    Making connections

    Attending a global conference of over 300+ participants including students, young professionals, and C-Suite professionals is an incredible way for students to develop global networks.

    Data Synthesis

    Understanding information

    In developing their case studies, Delegates learn how to collect, analyze, and present data in ways that

    appeal to diverse audiences. This is critical in helping students to not only obtain but understand data.


    Global Teaming

    Working Well With Others

    Working with peers that speak other languages, study various topics, and have varying opinions all while tasked to build a case study with a shared perspective is a great global teaming foundation.



  • Learn More

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