• Learning about the world

    through Stories

    Learn more about the Impact of Stories

  • Why Storytelling?

    We have 4 great reasons to describe why Storytelling is so important to us


    Connecting via Storytelling

    Among all the technology platforms that connect people around the world, the art of Storytelling is

    the only one that transcends generations, instills tradition and evokes a sense of true connectivity. It is the oldest form of education.


    Re-imagining Stories

    Storytelling has traditionally been reduced to an elementary level. However, combined with the Case Study Method, this is a powerful advocacy tool to share news around the world in a way that relates to a diverse group of people.



    Listening is a Key to Success

    In order to translate a story into a Case Study, one must be an active and engaged listeners, ask thought provoking questions, and relate with their Storyteller. These skills become second nature through storytelling.


    Breaking down Barriers

    Storytelling allows us to relate to individuals that we might not otherwise relate to. Learning someone else's story evokes a sense of understanding and community that helps to break down barriers of misunderstanding.

  • The Value of Storytelling

    Our work is heavily centered around utilizing Storytelling to make in impact in the world

    The story of Basheer

    A year after completing our Case Study on the Syrian Refugee Crisis, the topic was even more relevant. Motivated to combat negative rhetoric, we documented positive stories of the refugees we met in Germany. Through telling this story, we hope to change not only the rhetoric but hearts and minds of many. This video highlights the exceptional progress Basheer has made in Germany after receiving asylum.

  • Storytelling + Case Studies

    In marrying Storytelling and the Case Study Method in our curriculum, students have the opportunity to build educational concepts in a more relevant manner. Each Student Delegation is assigned an economic, political, or social challenge relevant to the country they are visiting and is responsible for developing a solution through writing a collaborative case study. Once published, these cases are later used to teach within local communities in various contexts.