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    Meaning of the message

    Each Delegation selects a motto they will travel with. This motto is a message that they would like to share with the world. That motto is printed on their Delegation T-shirts and worn by Delegates, mentors, and other participants of the conferences they attend.


    Help get our message out

    Wearing the T-shirts at our global events helps us create awareness and dialogue around the message. Our mentors, young professionals, and other supporters wear our T-shirts proudly to champion the meaning of the message around the world.

    Where does my money go?

    All proceeds from our T-shirt sales are directly re-invested in our NetWings Scholarship Fund which provides our Delegate's partial scholarships to participate in our Program. These scholarships are provided based on financial need and merit.

  • Build Perspective Not Walls

    Each NetWings student delegation travels with a specific travel motto. This year, our slogan represents the importance of defying barriers of geography, language, and culture. In an increasingly global world, our goal is to help youths build perspective across varying business, political, and social views around the world.

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